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10/25/19 - IT'S TIME!  You  can now view the  entire season  of "Conspiracy Coverups!"right here!  Click  on our "Watch" page, and  enjoy - we think you will like what you see!


10/7/19 - Teaser Trailer 2 for Conspiracy Coverups! is on the loose! Check it  out, and subscribe to  our YouTube  channel to be notified when the full season premieres (For FREE!)


9/4/19 - It's official...Conspiracy Coverups! is coming to a web browser near you  on OCTOBER 25th.  Be there, or not, we suppose.  Really, life is all 

about  choices. 

In the meantime, keep  an  eye  out for  our fun puzzle game that will reveal something really  really  cool, and when has marketing EVER lied to you?!!

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